Why Learn English?

Why should you learn English? How can English change your life?

The reasons for learning English are many: career, education, immigration, personal to professional. English is an official language of the United Nations and is seen by many to be a Global language, a common language that we can all use. 67 countries and regions have English as their official or native language, this makes English the most used language on Earth. English is the language of business, education, engineering, entertainment, finance, industry, media, medicine, science and technology.

English is the key to the your future...

Welcome to wherever you want to be!


Learning English can offer you a skill that will boost your job prospects and improve your CV. People who use English as a second language make on average 8% more money within their field of employment than those who don't. Over 1/3 of all businesses hire staff based on English language needs or abilities.


English is a global language used to build and maintain professional and personal relationships across the globe. Two billion people on planet Earth speak English with an estimated 460 million being native English speakers. 55% of all all websites and all data sent via the World Wide Web is in English.


If you want to study in a country such as the UK or the USA, you will need to be proficient in English. At English Training Lounge we offer the IELTS and TOEFL examination preparation courses. These two English qualifications are a must for all non-native English speakers who wish to study or work in an English first language country.


Learning English will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction.  Some of the worlds best music, literature and films are in English. Learning English will help you to meet new people, make new friends and develop yourself to reach further in life.


Learning English not only opens employment and academic doors, but also travel opportunities. English helps people to have a better understanding of each others cultures and outlooks. 1 in every 4 people on planet Earth have some experience in using the English language.

English is the future!

The English language joins the world together. English has offered numerous possibilities and amazing futures to so many people who have taken that first step in learning. English Training Lounge can show you a world of countless possibilities and endless friendships...

Welcome to wherever you want to be!

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