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We aim to provide the most straightforward and effective English language teaching and training services for the global classroom. We offer English language courses and programmes that deliver effective learning and fast results, addressing the areas of English our Clients and learners want to study. Using interactive and user-friendly teaching and training methods, we allow the student to say when and where they want to study.

 English as a Second Language, (ESL) 

The ESL programme focuses on General English following the European Framework Referencing ESL teaching guidelines. This programme also offers elements of English skills, such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. The ESL programme is available at all levels, beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, elementary and advanced.

 English for Specific Purposes, (ESP) 

The English for Specific Purposes, (ESP) programme is designed to help develop communicative abilities in the learner's specific area of English language needs. The most common ESP needs are in Accounting, Aviation, Business, IT, Teaching, Engineering, Medicine and Customer Services. 


 IELTS Exam Preparation 

The main purpose of our IELTS preparation programme is to help our students to understand the test structure and requirements to score high. Our programme includes examining sections of the test, the order of English skills tested in the exam, the time allowed for each section, a number of questions and the amount of speaking involved. We offer IELTS Preparation programmes for both the Academic and General pathways. 

 International Baccalaureate, (iB) & British Curriculum

We offer full professional English teaching and tutoring for both the IB, (All pathways) and the UK GCSE, IGCSE and A, Level mainstream educational systems.


 English  for Academic Purposes, (EAP) 

The English for Academic Purposes, (EAP) Programme is designed for international learners intending to study at native English language education institutions or universities, who need to or wish to improve their English language and study skills before starting their further education course or degree course.

Corporate English Programme, (CEP)  

The CEP programme focuses on basic communication in a business/corporate environment. CEP students are introduced to a specific spectrum of written and oral communication tasks including writing short business letters, faxes, memos, and e-mails. Case studies and role playing will teach students how to act and speak in specific business situations.

TOEFL Exam Programme

The TOEFL iBT test measures non-native English speakers' ability to use and understand English at the university level. The test evaluates the learners' listening, reading, speaking and writing skills at an academic level. There are two formats for the TOEFL® test. The formats depend on the location of the test center. 


All UAE nationals wanting to study at higher or further educational or vocational colleges must sit the CEPA, (Common Educational Proficiency Assessment) or EMSA, (External Measure of Student Achievement) before admission. 


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