How to get a minimum Band 7 in IELTS

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– PART 1

IELTS, IELTS IELTS! This is the acronym that is on every non-native English speaker’s lips! The thing that a lot of IELTS students don’t always understand is that IELTS has rules; it has procedures that you must follow in order to show that you are able to use English to the best possible level.

IELTS is specific

Do not for one second think that you know best and that you can go into your IELTS exams and ‘wow’ the examiners with how much you can say about Manchester United or what your favorite movie is! IELTS has topics, you will be presented with specific tasks and questions and you must show that you understand the concept and that you can answer to a conscience and accurate level.

There are certain criteria that the examiners will be making you on for each of the four skills

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