GCSE/IGCSE & A, Level English

General Certificate of Secondary Education, (GCSE)

As many people are aware, GCSEs are a stepping stone qualification that measure the learning outcomes of 14 to 16 year old students studying the UK Curriculum. The GCSE qualification leads to further educational qualifications, bother academic and vocational and from here to university or into the workplace. GCSE can be a stressful time for teenagers, assignments, coursework and revision can take their toll. This is where English Training Lounge comes into play. We offer experienced and professional tutors who are genuinely interested in teaching and tutoring English. Our team come from in depth and varied academic and professional backgrounds. All have taught at primary, secondary and higher educational levels in the UK, USA, New Zealand and RSA. ETL tutors set workable and relevant study and revision classes that are inline with what the student is learning and studying in the classroom. Added to this, we offer a bespoke tutoring service in accordance with the student's specific needs. At English Training Lounge, we believe that a tutor should help to bring out the best in the student and help them to develop a clearer understanding of the topic at hand. 

We offer the following:

  • Private one-toone tuition with an experienced GCSE tutor
  • Personalized long and short-term revision programmes inline with the student's needs
  • Confidence and performance coaching and reviewing for exams and assignments
  • Academic assessments following the UK mock examinations


International General Certificate of Secondary Education, (IGCSE)

We offer our IGCSE English course via two learning pathways. Firstly, we offer a straightforward tutoring services which is very similar to our GCSE tutoring option. A professional tutor will assess and deliver support to the student targeting specific areas of development need. The second is delivered as an extra standalone English course, inline with what the student is learning at school.  This course aims to widen vocabulary and improve the student's use of grammar, punctuation and spelling. We help to develop each student's English skills through the study of materials from different sources including literary material, non-literary material and media. This programme also helps the student to understand the use of written English for a variety of purposes, such as creative writing to reports and examinations. 




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