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Our ESP Medical course is an ideal pathway for non-native medical professionals who want to develop and improve their English communication skills in the area of medicine and health practices. The English Training Lounge, ESP Medical course is especially useful for those focused on communications with patients and colleagues.

ETL offers highly experienced and  qualified tutors who work with a specifically designed syllabus to create face to face and online ESL training to suit all medical professional needs and requirements. Our Medical course is based on Standard English training and focuses on all four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) using a varied array of practical medical scenarios, activities and tasks.

The main course aims and objectives include:

  • Practising medical specific language through practical work-related scenarios
  • Increasing effective medical English communication and pronunciation
  • Increasing the quality of care by improving English language competence needed to promote trust and confidence in doctors and nurses when patients feel vulnerable
  • Enhancing English language in order to understand the legal duties and responsibilities of care within the UK
  • Providing a framework that will enable the course participants to translate their medical skills and enhance and consolidate their performance at work

Each training hour is topic-based with the content focusing mainly on the following:

  • Patient interviews
  • Discussing symptoms
  • Dealing with sensitive issues
  • Medical history and note-taking
  • Medication and records
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Interpreting medical statistics in relation to controversial case studies
  • Operating instructions and reading manuals and charts


Remember that the ETL, ESP: Medical programme is open to all medical and dental health professionals

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