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At ETL with offer English development and training for Internationally Educated Accountants, which focuses on the English language and communication skills needed to excel as an accountant working within a native English speaking country. Our ESP programmes go beyond the parameters of specific career needs and also examines the authentic English use required to succeed in an English speaking country.

English for Internationally Educated Accountants focuses on English language and communication skills needed for success as an accountant working in a native English speaking country. The programme is a mix of learner specific skills and also spoke ESP texts.

The ESP Accounting course focuses on building sector specific vocabulary, academic study skills and cross-cultural awareness relating to the accounting sector and its practices. Topics include:

  • The cultural differences of a native English workplace
  • English language accounting culture 
  • Global English language accounting organizations
  • Ethics in accounting
  • Interviews and meetings
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Delegation using the English language
  • Negotiation using the English language
  • Giving of instructions
  • Business idioms

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