English Training Lounge in Buenos Aires, Argentina

English as a Second Language Teaching & Training in Buenos Aries, Argentina  

It will come as little surprise that Argentine IELTS and  TOEFL scores are also among the highest in Latin America. In 2013 the average TOEFL score was 93, with listening skills rated “high” and reading and writing both rated “fair.” IELTS scores in 2014 for 'General' examination candidates were 6.6, which ranked between “competent” and “good,” and 7.0 for 'Academic' candidates, which ranked as “good.”


English Training Lounge offers Buenos Aires, Argentina an online and face to face English language school that consistently sees our Argentinian Clients reach these IELTS and TOEFL scores primarily for immigration and overseas work and study. Added to this, we also offer other English and other language teaching and training pathways. These range from, IGCSE, IB, KET, PET, FCE and CAE. 


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