English Training Lounge in Beijing, China

English as a Second Language Teaching & Training in Beijing, China  

Beijing is one of the world’s leading centers of business and industry. Beijing is not just the capital city of China, but China’s manufacturing leader. At English Training Lounge, we offers an array of English language training programmes to meet Beijing’s language needs head on! We have English and other language courses that cater to our client’s specific needs. From General English, to English for Academic Purposes, English for Aviation, English for Business, English for Finance, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, Call Center and Customer Services English training, to bespoke English language learning courses that address our clients specific requirements.

Our courses specifically cater to speakers of Mandarin and examine the common issues that Mandarin Chinese speakers face.  One of the main problems that all speakers of another language face when learning English is learning to recognize the difference between English sounds and their own language sounds. 

We strongly believes that Phonemic Awareness is a skill that all of our clients and students have the ability to develop when learning English as a second language. English Training Lounge sees this skill as imperative for developing or learning effective English for any reason!


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