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English as a Second Language Teaching & Training for Barcelona

English Training Lounge offers Barcelona an integrating English skills programme that goes far beyond the expected norms of English language courses. English Training Lounge, English for Business is based on English as a second language teaching, with business English elements from the Cambridge Business English Certificate and Cambridge English certificates.   

 As the years have passed and as the world moves ever forwards, companies from Berlin, to Barcelona, to Budapest have made English their official first language for business. Some of the planet’s most recognized and respected organizations such as Samsung, Apple, Coke-a-Cola, Emirates Airlines and Kia Motors to name but a small few now carry out their business using English. There are some obvious reasons why influential companies such as these are using the English language to connect their people. However the number one reason is the Global Market! English language for business improves communication and connectivity among not only the workforce, but among a company’s clients and customers. English as a business language helps businesses to reach global markets and makes integrating foreign acquisitions, sales and service so much simpler!



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