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English for Academic Purposes is a branch of English as a Second Language that concentrates on developing and using English skills at an academic level.

English Training Lounge’s English for Academic Purposes programme offers first class English language training for those who want to develop English skills for further educational and higher educational purposes at an English taught college, institution or university.


Course Overview

As with all ETL courses, we offer flexible training times, including evenings and weekends if needed. 

ETL's EAP focus on English reading and writing skills needed to meet the levels required to study at undergraduate level. The course focuses on developing and increasing students' knowledge of different learning styles needed to excel in a higher academic field. The programme helps students to further develop their understanding and use of appropriate lexis and register in relation to their use of English in an academic institution. The exit level for ETL's English for Academic Purposes is B2:1 on The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Topics include:

1. The use effective reading strategies when addressing specialized, academic texts (e.g. identify key points; examine graphic material; interpret detailed data, infering meaning)
2. Writing academic assignments and essays using an appropriate style and register
3. Planning and organizing writing effectively
4. Identifying and applying relevant learning strategies to a particular context
5. Critical thinking in order to reflect on a number of topical issues in order to describe, detail and support opinions
6. Identifying and using correct academic words and phrases in the correct context


Why does ETL offer an English for Academic Purposes course?

All overseas students whose intend to study at a native English language college or university need to be able to meet the English language demands of their chosen course of study. English Training Lounge's EAP course aims to develop the learner's English skills and targets the main issues faced by English as a second language speakers in an English language academic environment. Our EAP course offers our learners an opportunity to develop and improve their understanding of the language and teaching methods used at English first language institutes of further and higher education. The course focuses on the various types of written, spoken and grammatical communicative forms and approaches learners will face in the classroom and lecture theater. Our course also gives practical help and tuition on how to prepare coursework and assignments once the students are in a course of study.  

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