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Our Customer Services & Call Center ESP courses address direct customer contact situations that are common place and relevant within a typical direct customer centered environment. This could range from telesales, after sales support, telephone and face to face bookings and orders to complaints and customer feedback. In conjunction with the course trainer, materials will be selected to help improve on the specific areas you want to develop. An average English Training Lounge ESP Customer Services & Call Center course covers conflict management skills, emailing, placing orders, managing customer accounts, sales English and various other areas that the learner would like to study.

The ESP Customer Services & Call Center programme is perfect for those wanting to develop their English language skills within customer centered careers.

The ESP Customer Services & Call Center programme offers an expert  English training and development course with up to date content and tasks that target:

  • Improving aspects of English to communicate clearly in a customer environment
  • English to help build rapport in a customer centered industry
  • Negotiating, persuading & buy in factors
  • Participating in telephone and face to face coversations
  • Presentation skills and feedback
  • Interview skills
  • Writing reports, emails & business documents
  • Listening to and understanding English used in customer centered scenarios and giving opinions

Call Center and Customer Service English

'Clear Speak' 

Of recent a large number of English language speaking companies have relocated their call centers to cities such as Mumbai in India, Manila in The Philopines and Madrid and Barcelona Spain. Clearly the agents hired have high levels of English language abilities, but quite often their pronunciation and understanding of English regional use is low. Seeing this problem, we at ETL designed the game changing Call Center program, 'Clear Speak'. This revolutionary ESP training course was developed to specifically target telephone based English speaking and listening. Our training course helps agents to pronounce English words and sentences in a more natural and fluent way. The 'Clear Speak' program also offers a better understanding of regional English use and dialects ranging from the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia and beyond.

'Clear Speak'  recently proved to be an invaluable training tool for a number of electronic and motor car firms based in Seoul, South Korea. Due to the popularity and effectiveness of the course in Seoul, it has now been taken on by a call center in Mumbai, India. The English needs of many call center and customer service workers in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and India as a whole, revolves around authentic English language development. As with those who followed the course in Seoul, issues such as pronunciation, pitch, tonality and semantics are addressed and developed via taught, discovery and role play scenarios. These scenarios addressed conflict management and resolution, order processing, English soft skills and listening to and recognizing regional English and American accents. At English Training Lounge we intend to develop the 'Clear Speak' Customer Service English language course further to address the English needs of companies in Hanoi, Ho Chi Min and Da Naang in Vietnam. 

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