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ETL Military Language & Cultural Training & Teaching

ETL's Strategic Military Language & Cultural Training programmes are tailor made and delivered for all military English language needs inline with NATO Standardized Agreement, (STANGA) 6001 system of levels. We follow a learner centered authentic approach that is performance-based and focused on communication comprehension and delivery, whilst understanding the varying cultural outlooks within specific fields of engagement or crisis relief needs. We evaluate each learner's progress based on progress testing, competency and course based final assessments. We offer English and other language teaching and training to all levels, ranging from beginner to advanced learners.


 English for the Military and Civil Defense 

Strategic Language for the Army

Strategic Language for the Air Force

Strategic Language for the Navy

 A world of words...

Since the end of the Second World War and fall of the 'Iron Curtain', the role of many of the world's military and civil defense forces have dramatically altered in their personnel structure and obligations to global security. Subsequently, many nations under the conventions of NATO and the UN are now engaged in conflict resolution and peacekeeping duties in various areas of the world.


Why Study Military English?

It's time to engage...


At English Training Lounge, we offer this unique learner centered English for a specific purpose course that is geared towards the operational, technical and cultural issues and demands that today's service men and women face in ever changing fields of engagement. Our 'Strategic Military English & Cultural Training' programme ranges from Humanitarian Assistance and Relief, to Communications & Media Operations, to Military Soldiering and Technical Training English language delivery. 


"Leaders must be seen to be up front, up to date, up to their job and up early in the morning."

Marcus Sieff

An ETL Military English Language Course can offer you:

  • A clearer and more confident ability to give your message, order or input in clear English
  • Up-to-date key military English terminology and jargon focusing on pronunciation and meanings
  • A broader vocabulary for discussing military and peacekeeping duties
  • A clearer understanding and more effective use of diplomatic language, including: local customs, cultures and religious norms and conventions. (The client's specific needs could/will determine the exact training requirements and outcomes)

Target Audience

Our Strategic Military English Language & Cultural Training programmes are specialist English courses aimed at military personnel, government employees or international agency staff who are required to work in international teams using English as the common language. The SMELCT programme is open to all who operate in these fields. The programme is not exclusively designed for military personnel, though we do offer bespoke programmes at the request of our clients for closed one to one or group programmes.

Typical Language Areas Covered

The contents covered in the courses are often determined by two factors: the learner's level of English abilities and specific requirements. Core subject areas are often flexible and include:

  • The language of planning and strategy
  • Peacekeeping language
  • Debriefing language and scenarios
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Diplomatic English – tone, register and levels of formality

English for Peace Keeping and Humanitarian Relief 


English for Planning and Strategy


English for Diplomacy and Relationship Building


English for Presenting Ideas and Persuasion 


English that Focuses on Tone & Register

Example Task

Click below for a brief example of True or False reading task using the Present Simple tense form.