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We have the English training know-how that you need!

Conversion English Training is the term we at ETL use to define the strategies we implement for our Clients to align their English language training needs with the way their customers are now interacting, engaging and buying from them in this Global Market. This approach is also relevant when delivering English as a Second Language skills or general English. We combine new and traditional English teaching methods, teacher facilitated learning, learner centered and tasks centered with a clear understanding of authentic English use, (the actual sounds English letters and words make) we generate a clearer understanding of English use for our Clients and learners. 

We offer English training that gets results!

We are experts in designing and delivering English language teaching and training for any purpose - driven by our steadfast values and ambition! Online and offline, we offer the world professional IELTS, TOEFL, Aviation English, Business English, Call Center & Customer Service English, Engineering English, Gas & Oil Industry English, Medical English... that gives the desired results!

We offer English and other language teaching and training for literally any purpose!

For English Training Lounge  Return On Investment, (ROI) and Return On Engagement, (ROE) are everything; this is for our Clients' success and for our own. Our expertise comes from a specialist mix of English language designers, trainers, teachers and managers combined with the results driven working partnerships we create with our Clients. 

Learning English is an investment in your future!

English for Business, English for Education, English for Life

Look towards the Global Community
Interact using a Global Language
See a real return on your investment

Defining Your Needs

Before any teaching or training starts, we take a look at our learner's English requirements. Understanding the learner's objectives, values, and expectations ultimately gives us a clearer picture of the learner's English language needs.  After this we set an English abilities placement test to assess present skills and to highlight areas that are lacking or show any clear skills or knowledge gaps.

From here we agree a tangible and measurable English for academic, English as a second language or English for a specific purpose teaching or training course. The aim is to offer a pathway that will positively impact your bottom line, increase your English language abilities and generate more understanding of the English language.


We at English Training Lounge -English Language School are experts in creating the strategies required for our learner’s English skills and abilities to flourish in this new globalized world of leisure, industry and business. We create listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities that really deliver a marked improvement in our learner's English as a second language abilities – online and offline. Our blended bespoke and spoke English language courses are geared to deliver fast and professional results to meet our learner's ever changing needs. 


We don't just create and design English language teaching & training courses, we also deliver live on-line and face to face, (F2F - when a teacher is available in your area). We teach and train all aspects of your English language course - we provide a teacher to facilitate your learning and training experience and we also offer an E-Learning addition. We do everything from providing a full English language training service, which includes IELTS & TOEFL preparation, to English as a Second Language, English for Specific Purposes, to English for Academic Purposes.


For English Training Lounge - English Language School, ROI and ROE, (Return On Investment & Return On Engagement) is everything. Every element of your teaching and learning activities are tracked, checked and tested on a predetermined basis. We evaluate the success of your English learning via progress testing and examinations. Each progress test, examines what our learner have studied and learnt during their English course and tests their ability to use each of the four English skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.


1: Believe It Can Be Done

English Training Lounge believes that anyone and everyone can learn to speak English, or develop and improve their current English abilities. Whatever your reason for studying English: IELTS, Business English, ESL... we can help you to reach your English language development goals

2: Attention To Detail

Attention to details can make or break an English language curriculum. What is right for one student, may not be right for another student. We precisely test and place all learner's English abilities to provide the best quality and results in their English language needs and learning outcomes.

3: Integrity & Honesty

At ETL we will always do our best to be as open, transparent and upfront as possible. We always accept responsibility for our mistakes and are always  honest with our learners, clients and staff. If we are at fault, we will always apologize and correct any mistakes.

Our Core Values Run Deep 

English Training Lounge has developed from an idea into a leading Global English Language Training School. We believe in the online global community and that there is a need for a new type of English as a second language school - whenever and wherever!

ETL is the world's first online and face to face English training company that sees the entire planet as a learning environment.

Our Core Values run through every single area of our English language school. They are something we truly and passionately believe in and are extended to clients, learners and all ETL staff. We endeavor to ensure that  all  ETL employee remember our 3 Core Values and do their very best to follow them.

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