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English Training Lounge is a result driven English language school that offers tailor-made English language teaching and training courses for academic, career, immigration or simply for the love of learning a new language. Choose from our range of English as a Second Language course - including IETLS, TOEFL, English as a Second Language, English for Academic Purposes, and English for work, travel, call center, engineering, nursing ...

the possibilities are endless!

We combine English language training with relevant  materials, scenarios and tasks. ETL is an academic and vocationally motivated English as a Second Language company with a passion for achievement and educational development. We strive to deliver ESL courses and programmes that offer our Clients and learners a better tomorrow. 

As we say at English Training Lounge, 'Welcome to wherever you want to be!'

Why Choose ETL?

English is our goal – We are the best!
Classes are online or face to face – ETL is a global classroom, whenever and wherever!
You choose the course and fee – All materials and registration fees are included in the price!
You choose the time and place – We design your ESL lessons to meet your availability!
ETL teachers are experienced and qualifiedWe employ the best teachers!
We care about your English developmentMeeting your English objectives is our main priority!


What We Believe

Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing = Communication. Improved communication between cultures, countries, and companies. Clearer communication of ideas and outlooks leads to better understanding between people. English Training Lounge believes in a global language. The world where barriers in communication are no longer an issue. We offer English as Second Language spoke and bespoke teaching and training for all levels. The world is our classroom and its people are our students!


How We Do It

We use a number of English teaching and training methods, from Discovery to Immersive, to Grammatical. We offer a more rounded and in-depth facilitated learning and teaching experience.  ETL offers one-to-one, traditional classroom setting and corporate English training pathways to suit all. Always at the forefront is a communicative approach between learner and teacher, or learners and teacher. This approach ensures the learners improve their fluency as well as their accuracy and to rely on themselves rather than the teacher or trainer when solving language problems. 


Our Guarantee To You

We understand that your English course is an investment. Not only a financial investment but more importantly, an investment of your time. Therefore, we promise that:

Your class will have 10 students or less
Your teacher will be a qualified and experienced native speaker
You will practise speaking/listening/reading/writing


English for your career

English for education

English for fun

English for immigration


English Training Lounge - English as a Second Language School

English Training Lounge offers a full range of English as a Second Language training and development courses designed to address your English language needs. ETL offers English language tutoring for those wanting to learn or develop English or other language skills for any reason: from IELTS to TOEFL, to English for Academic or a Specific reason. English for education, immigration or personal advancement - English Training Lounge can offer you a brighter tomorrow.

We are experts in designing and delivering English language teaching and training for any purpose – on and offline we offer the world professional IELTS, TOEFL, Aviation English, Business English, Call Center & Customer Service English, Engineering English, Gas & Oil Industry English, Medical English... in fact, we offer English and other language teaching and training for literally any purpose! For English Training Lounge, return on investment, (ROI) and return on engagement, (ROE) is everything!

As you can imagine, we love talking about English language teaching and training. Our offer is simple... We will ensure that you are able to develop and learn English language skills in a confident and natural way. English Training Lounge is a results driven English language school. We gauge our success based on your success. We constantly monitor and evaluate our development with the English training that we provide. Contact us today to see what you could achieve!


Conversion English Training

Conversion English Training is the term we at ETL use to define the strategies we implement for our Clients to align their English language training needs with the way their customers are now interacting, engaging and buying from them in this Global Market. This is also relevant for those studying for the love of English. English is changing and evolving at a fast rate. ETL is always on the pulse with new and improved methods of teaching and materials used.

By combining traditional English teaching methods, teacher facilitated learning, learner-centered and tasks centered on a clear understanding of authentic English use, (the actual sounds English letters and words make) we generate a clearer understanding of English use for our Clients and learners.


1: Believe It Can Be Done

2: Attention To Detail

3: Integrity & Honesty

Aviation English

Business English

Engineering English

Medical English


English for Aviation, Business, Engineering and more...

English Training Lounge offers corporate English as a Second Language training and bespoke English for a Specific Purpose, (ESP) training solutions within the following sectors:


Corporate English Language Training 

ETL’s Corporate English courses offer first class English language training for those who want to develop English skills for employment and practical business and industrial situations.

Topics include: negotiating, networking, managing meetings, interviewing, placing orders, customer services, and general communication in a business or industrial environment. ETL learners discover how to write effective business memos, letters, e-mails, informal and formal reports, stock lists and presentation materials.

The importance of providing the right training for employees is clear in the business world. Training improves productivity and expands a companies horizons, this has a positive impact by attracting new clients, whilst also helping to retain present clients.

Speaking a common language in which the business community operates allows a company to expand into other countries and to attract clients from other nationalities. At ETL we believe that English language training can take your employees to new places, both figuratively and literally in the search of new business. Offering classes to the key players within your business, such as front-of-house staff, sales representatives, customer services and billing agents comes with many benefits far beyond financial gains. 

 Call Center and Customer Service English, 'Clear Speak' 

Of recent a large number of English language speaking companies have relocated their call centers to cities such as Mumbai in India, Manila in The Philippines and Madrid and Barcelona Spain. Clearly, the agents hired have high levels of English language abilities, but quite often their pronunciation and understanding of English regional use are low. Seeing this problem, ETL designed a call center course called 'Clear Speak' that specifically targets telephone based English. This training course helps agents to pronounce English words and sentences in a more natural way. It also offers a better understanding of regional English use and dialects from the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia and beyond.


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